Benefits of membership – the international network or accountants, auditors and tax specialists

If you are interested in representing CH International as an accounting or audit firm in your country, your business could benefit in a number of ways:

  • By gaining additional turnover from referrals from practices in other member countries.
  • By gaining access to local expertise and a friendly reception for clients with queries about international trade, or those wishing to set up business in a member's country.
  • Removing the risk of a client switching to one of the large international practices by being part of an established organisation.
  • New members will automatically enter a vibrant organisation rather than struggling to set up their own links or joining one of the loose groupings which have many members in one country with no real controls.
  • Enhancing the business with staff training and retention: there is a secondment or ‘staff swap’ opportunity for co-operative members. Staff can enjoy the benefits of working for a smaller firm while also feeling a part of an international business, where they are able to enhance their own growth and development.

Unlike the large International firms, CH International members are able to maintain close contacts across the group by having one or two members in each country rather than many competing firms - and by staying in touch to build relationships with business partners overseas.

Additionally, clients with International interests do not have to spend time trying to find a reliable overseas advisor, which may mean considering one of the larger firms. They can feel assured that they are being referred to a quality firm who can share expertise with their CHI advisor in their home country, therefore reducing the risks involved when dealing with cross-border business.

If you would like to discuss how CHI could benefit your firm, please contact Graham Speck on +44 20 8652 2450. To view the application form, please click here.

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