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An introduction to Cheng & Cheng Limited, Hong Kong of China

Cheng & Cheng Limited is a professional Hong Kong based firm of certified public accountants. It was established on 1st August 1991, and is now a medium size firm with close to 200 staff, among which more than 100 are qualified professional staff. We are ranked as the second tier firm in Hong Kong by our size and number of listed clients we have.

We provide a wide range of financial services, including auditing, internal control and risk management, accounting, liquidation, taxation, personalized consultations, etc.

By joining CH, we strongly believe that this is the right move for widening our development into internationalization.

The way we work

Having accumulated 20 years valuable experience in serving our clients, we have developed a client oriented philosophy with services tailored to the requirements and expectations of every client. This philosophy has strengthened the quality of our services across all levels of management from the very junior to the partners.

We believe that our ability to communicate clearly, both with the client and each other, contributes largely to our client satisfaction.

How we can help

Our firm provides a basket of professional services. A briefing of our services is shown below:

Audit and Assurance
- Statutory auditing, in compliance with accounting standards and legal requirements; and
- Case specific auditing and reporting for:

  • Internal management system operations reviews
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Clients’ specific requirements

Corporate Risk Management and Internal Control Services

  • Provision of corporate governance assessment and compliance assistance and advice on corporate governance structures, policies and procedures
  • Internal control review for compliance with corporate governance/regulatory requirements, internal audits and other related purposes
  • Assisting companies to design and implement policies and procedures for the management of internal control systems
  • Comprehensive business risk assessment and assistance to clients to proactively identify, evaluate and manage significant risks
  • Implementation and assessment of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework and self-assessment criteria for risk management
  • Reviews of IT controls, business processes and information security, data quality and integrity, software asset management and IT project quality assurance

Tax Services

  • Provision of all sorts of tax compliance
  • Tax planning
  • Tax field audit and tax investigation assistance
  • Appeal cases
  • Advice on all types of tax matters

Accounting Services

  • Preparation of accountancy report for unincorporated companies; i.e. Partnerships and Sole proprietorships
  • Monthly/quarterly/yearly bookkeeping services (on or off site)
  • Set up of accounting systems for firms
  • Advising on accounting software for in-house use

Corporate Secretarial Services

A full range of required legal secretarial services provided to our clients are:-

  • Setting up companies in Hong Kong and China
  • Acting as the corporate representative/secretary
  • Maintaining statutory records
  • Filing of statutory returns
  • Provision of a registered office
  • Providing nominee services subject to assessment
  • Assisting in opening bank accounts in Hong Kong & China
  • Advising on all sorts of corporate matters

Other Services

  • Assisting with Initial Public Offerings (“IPOs”) in Hong Kong & China
  • Provisions of general consultation services
  • Insolvency/liquidation/receivership

We are pleased to answer any enquiries our CH members or clients may have for any of above services related to the territories of China and Hong Kong.

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