I have used Inova Experts as our accounting company during last three years and I'm very impressed by their skilled and professional attitude so far as I'm satisfied with their fulfillment of commitments over here. I feel like I have a substantial partner that encourages our business and strives for mutual achievements in the most efficient way.

Gintautas Versockas
Managing Director

An introduction to Inova Experts

Inova Experts is the accounting and tax advisory services daughter company of Inova Baltic, an investment house, established in 2009. The business has offices located in Vilnius and Klaipeda.

The decision to establish Inova Experts was taken in response to overwhelming feedback from investors and key clients who wanted access to a one-stop-shop solution from Inova Baltic, as their investment services provider.

The way we work

Expert professionals are versatile, well experienced and fully committed to providing the highest level of service to you and your business. In order to manage risks properly we have insured our activities with professional civil liability insurance and maintain rigorous continuing professional development for their team.

How we can help

Our experienced staff are knowledgeable in both local and international accounting standards and are ready not only to provide clients with daily accounting services, but also to find and propose practical solutions on various related issues. Our services include:

Financial accounting
Payroll services
Financial reporting
Supplementary accounting services

Supplementary financial consulting services
Management reporting
Financial controls
Company secretarial

Tax calculation and tax reports
Tax advice
VAT payer registration

If you are starting a new activity or expanding existing one, entering the Baltic states market our consultants will help you to establish a company in Lithuania and will provide advice in the following areas:

Collecting of information and preparation of initial documents;

Intermediation with notary offices and state institutions;

Assistance in registering your company as a VAT payer.

Doing Business in Lithauania

Inova Experts
Stairway 60-98, call 99 (11th floor)
A Juozapaviciaus str. 9A
Post Box 94
LT-09311 Vilnius

Kristina Laima Alekinené
T + 370 5 2610936