An introduction to CH International Sweden KB

CHI Sweden KB brings together two independent firms, Ekonomiansvarig AB and Skogsberg Revision AB, with offices located in Stockholm, in Bollebygd (on the west coast of Sweden close to Gothenburg) and in Mariestad (at the lake Vänern, 170 km from Gothenburg and 300 km from Stockholm).

We provide financial advice to around 500 clients - mostly small owner managed companies, across a wide range of branches, with a specialism in helping clients with accounting, taxation and economic consultations.

The way we work

We aim to be readily available to provide a high quality service at a competitive price, and deliver a wide range of financial services to owner-managed, small and medium sized businesses.

Ekonomiansvarig AB are members of the Swedish Accounting Consultants Association, SRF. An authorised SRF-consultant gives a reference to competence, quality and development. SRF have also awarded Ekonomiansvarig AB an ISO certification, under the ISO 9001 standard. Only around 50 firms in Sweden have currently been awarded this quality certification.

Skogsberg Revision AB are members of FAR, the Swedish Audit Association and they work with clients from a variety of industries, with a specialism in agriculture economy.

How we can help

The areas we can assist clients are in:

  • Accounting and financial statements
  • Auditing
  • Business acquisitions, constructions and mergers
  • Taxation
  • Other business related economic consultancy

Please note that these are services provided jointly by Ekonomiansvarig AB and Skogsberg Revision AB. Each firm’s individual service offering may differ.

Doing business in Sweden

Box 132
51723 Bollebygd
22 Bollebygd

Martin Karlsson
T +46 33 28 98 70
F +46 33 28 98 71
E martin@ekonomiansvarig.se
W http://www.ekonomiansvarig.se

Skogsberg Revision AB
Box 152
542 22 Mariestad
Hamngatan 10,

Lars Skogsberg
T +46-501-77333
F +46-501-77058
E lars@skogsberg.com
W http://www.skogsberg.com